Saturday, 29 July 2017

Airport Transfer Melbourne: A Beautiful and Luxurious Journey

Airport taxi transfer is one of the most comfortable modes of transportation preferred by many people in all parts of the world. Whether you are going for a personal rip or professional, it ought to be luxurious.

After landing at the airport, all we think is to reach the destination safely and comfortably. Even if you have to reach airport on time, you will need a punctual taxi service so that you do not miss your flight. One reason to get airport transfer is that it guarantees very comfortable, stress-free, punctual and safe journey. Undoubtedly taxi transfer is the easiest way to travel to the airport and vice versa.

Airport Transfer Melbourne: A Beautiful and Luxurious Journey

No matter where you live, airport taxi services are available to all parts of Melbourne and even countryside. Apart from this, there are numerous other benefits of using an airport taxi service for transportation. Some of the benefits are as follows:


24/7 accessible– cab services offer 24/7/365 services to their customers. This means, no matter where you are and when, you can hire a taxi service. All you need to do is book the taxi in advance, give your present location and desired destination; they will be there in minutes.

Economic– With regard to the comfort and ease offered by cab companies, it is the most affordable and economic mode of transportation. Still many people have misconception that taxi services are a bit expensive, but if you compare price with the services, you will realize that it is worth it.

Saves time– Hiring a taxi saves a lot of time and energy. For instance, if you opt for any public transportation, you’ll have to deal with the stress like waiting for the vehicle and uncomfortable journey etc. And if you prefer to drive yourself, there will be hassle about finding parking space. Hiring a taxi eliminates such types of hassles and save your time.

Skilled drivers– Cab companies appoint skilled and well experienced drivers. These drivers are familiar with all the routes and traffic patterns in the city. Thus travelling in a taxi with a professional driver will give you a feeling of reliability, safety and assurance.

Flexibility– Unlike other mode of transportation, airport taxi services are very flexible and can be tailored as per your need. It provides you the flexibility to travel wherever and whenever you want. Also, they do not stop frequently to pick other passengers.

Book airport transfer service online:

Melbourne airport transfer services are available for all parts of Melbourne. If you want to visit most parts of Melbourne, you can take benefit of this service. Just book the cab in advance and after landing driver will be waiting for you at the airport.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Race Against Time - A Futurist Look Into the Cars of 2050

That hasn’t happened, and so you might find yourself feeling somewhat disappointed with the relative baby steps that the automobile industry has taken in that time. But don’t worry – huge innovation has occurred under the hood and things are only going to get more incredible in the years to come.

Race Against Time - A Futurist Look Into the Cars of 2050

The cars we’ll be driving in 2050 will most likely make ‘flying cars’ seem boring and retro. Read on to see what those vehicles might look like and what technological progress has in store for the humble car...


By Nogwater

Autopilot – or self-driving cars – is almost certainly something we’re going to see more of in the coming years. This is an area that has already seen considerable progress with cars that can self-park (and sometimes under conditions where we couldn’t have done it ourselves), so it’s not a big stretch to think that in the future cars might be able to completely takeover and handle entire journeys. Just get in the car, type in your destination, and then relax until you reach your destination. And this also has some rather incredible implications. As if you’re not driving the car yourself, that would mean in theory that there’d be no need for driving lessons. You wouldn’t have people who couldn’t drive, as they’d just be able to sit back and relax (though this won’t come for a good while – having a human ‘backup’ will be highly advisable for the short term). That also means that whoever was ‘driving’ the car would be able to get on with work or just watching a film, and the trains and busses might become nearly obsolete.

In fact you wouldn’t even need a driver at all. If you wanted to send someone a piece of furniture then you could simply instruct your car to drive to their house and park outside, before returning home after it was unloaded. Again though this would be a long way off – particularly considering the multiple security issues this would pose.

In order for completely self-driven cars to work, they would need to be able to communicate with other cars on the road in order to know what was in front of them and what was behind. This ‘hive’ mentality between cars would then allow for some pretty amazing organisational feats as the autopilot would always be able to avoid jams and other problems. You’d never have anyone hogging the middle lane and accidents would be very rare. In short, the traffic would work like a well-oiled machine and you’d never end up queuing. In turn this would mean that estimated arrival times would be spot on and that we could get accurate predictions for how much fuel each journey would cost us. The only downside? There’d never be an excuse for being late again...

Think this is all too far fetched? Think again: already by last year self-driving cars from Google had completed over 300,000 miles of test drives in various conditions with zero incidences. Bearing in mind that the average human has an accident every 165,000 miles that’s a pretty significant result!

“Google’s embarrassed the car industry by getting out ahead on this and getting all the attention” says automotive analyst Roger Lanctot.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Get Your Taxi Insured

Similar to commercial truckers, taxi drivers require a special type of insurance above standard auto insurance to help cover their vehicles and other possible costs in the event of an accident. Due to the large amounts of time spent driving, as well as the extra potential for injury with multiple people in the car, the cost of taxi insurance can be quite high in comparison to regular auto insurance.

Get Your Taxi Insured

Just as auto insurance is required for noncommercial drivers to operate their vehicle legally, taxi drivers need to be insured with taxi insurance to legally operate their business and comply with standards. Generally, high levels of coverage are needed to help protect the company against potential damages, so premium rates are often high enough to warrant weekly billing. In addition to weekly premium payments, a premium down payment is often required to offset costs to the insurance company if a claim is made early in the process.

This is generally about 20% of the annual policy cost, and can be a big obstacle in obtaining an excellent level of coverage as costs can easily get out of hand. Unfortunately, many taxi companies operate in a manner that results in multiple extraneous claims being filed which drives the cost of premiums up for the industry as a whole. However, some insurance providers offer discounts for safe driving and taking proper precautions, as well as following procedure during the operation of taxi services.

To reduce costs up front, operators can opt for a third-party only insurance that only covers damages to a third-party, but this may result in high costs to the operator in the case of their own vehicle being damaged.

Two main types of taxi insurance exist, one for public hire or “black cab” services, and one for private hire services. Private hire taxis require booking in advance and do not operate with a taxi sign or search for hire in the streets. In obtaining taxi insurance, many providers have a set of criteria to help protect themselves against excessive claims. Some of these may include requiring owners to have a certain level of experience, as well as putting a limit on the age of vehicles that can be insured. Additionally, well-documented safety procedures and a fairly clean accident record may be required to obtain the insurance initially, as well as reduce premium costs after the policy is drafted. Not all providers will provide insurance to public hire services, so it is important to research what is offered.

Though costs may be high, taxi insurance is a required and vital part to the operation of a successful taxi service. By opting to pay a little bit more up front, vehicles and drivers will be protected against potential risks of driving day in and day out, and the company has added financial security in the event of an accident.

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Hire Chauffeured Car Melbourne

Hire Chauffeured Car Melbourne